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The Coasters Tour 

Missed out on your Glacier tour due to bad weather? Still looking for an adventure then this tour could be for you. 

Experience the ultimate coasters adventure with our Helicopter Tour departing from the Hokitika Gorge.

Embark on an exhilarating journey as our skilled pilot guides you towards the untamed beauty of the Wild West Coast. We'll trace the captivating path of the Hokitika River, its turquoise waters leading us on an unforgettable voyage.

Venture further as we delve into the remnants of a bygone era - a colossal glacier that once surged toward the ocean, carving a breathtaking tapestry of lateral and terminal moraines. These natural masterpieces have sculpted wetlands and lakes, bearing witness to the glacier's passage through time.


Our voyage continues southward, tracing the meandering estuaries that discharge countless tons of gravel into the ocean annually. Witness the birth of new beaches and the ever-expanding expanse of the West Coast. As we reach the historic mining and logging hub of Ross, we ascend into the heart of the Mikonui valley, a secluded sanctuary where Hereford cattle roam freely across rugged terrain.


Turning north, we follow the illustrious Alpine Fault line, a geological marvel where the Australian Tech Tonic Plate converges with the Pacific Plate. Over countless millennia, these colossal forces have thrust the land skyward, giving birth to the majestic Southern Alps. This natural barrier intercepts the prevailing westerly winds, inviting warm, moisture-laden air to ascend into cooler atmospheres.

The result is a climate like no other. The enchanting rainforests that adorn our West Coast, their towering canopies reaching heights of 200 feet.


As we journey through this Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, immerse yourself in the magnificence that surrounds you.


Step aboard and embrace the spirit of adventure – for this is your invitation to discover the heart of the West Coast like never before.

- Allow 1 hour for this tour.

- 30min flight time.

- 15min landing at one of our unique locations. 

- $500NZD Per person.

Please phone or email to book this tour. 

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