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About Us

Flyings in our blood. 

Precision Helicopter's Ltd is a family owned and operated company in Hokitika. Our family has a strong lineage of pilots, from flying WW2 Wellington Bomber's to Piloting classic Hughes 500 in the Deer recovery days.

We love all things Aviation. 

Harold Newton 

Our Story

Precision Helicopter’s, Matt Newton CEO / Chief Pilot, has over 30 years
flying experience. Matt’s always
dreamed of flying in the Mountain’s of the South Island. As a family we set off on an adventure South to the beautiful little town Hokitika, we found our
special place. Here we set up our boutique little base offering tours to the
most spectacular hidden gems with some of the best views in New Zealand.
From this amazing location, tucked under the mountains, we have been able
to offer our services to Travellers, Conservation, Search and Rescue,
Farmers, Trampers, Hunters, Kayakers and more of the community.

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Meet The Team


Matthew Newton

Meet Matt Newton, an exceptional commercial helicopter pilot with over three decade's of experience in the aviation industry. Matt's passion for flying was ignited by his father, Harold, who was a WW2 pilot, and since the age of 20, Matt has been soaring through the skies.

Born and raised on a Taranaki dry stock farm in Urenui, Matt started his career as an agriculture pilot, touring New Zealand and servicing farms across the country. He then expanded his skillset and moved on to rescue helicopter work, where he became a valuable member of the industry, providing life-saving services to those in need.

Throughout his career, Matt has had some exciting gigs, including flying movie star Tom Cruise, showcasing his expertise and professionalism. As an entrepreneur, Matt founded Precision Helicopters Ltd and has become a leader in the New Zealand aviation industry, training and mentoring young pilots.

Matt's extensive experience in a wide range of helicopter work has made him an exceptional pilot, and his passion for flying is evident in everything he does. He's a true professional, and his clients always feel safe and comfortable under his guidance.

When he's not in the air, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the great outdoors, and sharing his knowledge and love for flying with others.

If you're looking for an experienced and skilled helicopter pilot, Matt Newton is your man. With his expertise and friendly demeanor, he's the perfect choice for your next helicopter tour or venture.


Lillian Newton

Meet Lilly Newton, the talented daughter of Matt Newton and a rising star in the aviation industry. Like her father, Lilly is a commercial pilot and an integral part of the family business, Precision Helicopters. From a young age, Lilly was surrounded by helicopters and aviation, and it's no surprise that flying flows in her blood.

Lilly's career as a helicopter pilot has been focused on the mountains, where she has trained and worked under some of the leading professionals in the New Zealand commercial helicopter industry. She's a skilled and experienced pilot who's comfortable navigating tricky terrain and handling challenging weather conditions.

Aside from her flying duties, Lilly also takes care of the administration, social media, and bookings for Precision Helicopters. Her attention to detail and her dedication to providing excellent customer service make her an invaluable member of the team.

In her spare time, Lilly enjoys pursuing her passion for art, with oil painting being her favorite medium. She's also a talented horsewoman who trains, breaks, and competes with her horses. She often relates flying a helicopter to riding a horse, showcasing her love for both activities.

Lilly's commitment to her craft, her passion for flying, and her dedication to providing the best possible service to her clients make her an outstanding pilot and an asset to the Precision Helicopters team.


Tammy Newton

Meet Tammy Newton, the backbone of Precision Helicopters and the loving wife of Matt Newton, and mother of Lilly Newton. Tammy grew up in a family with a strong aviation background. Her father was a deer recovery pilot who captured plague numbers of deer, and his passion for flying inspired Tammy's love for the industry.

While Tammy doesn't fly, she's a skilled gardener and chef, often bringing in delicious morning teas made from produce grown at home or hunted in their back yard. She's also responsible for flight following and checking in passengers, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Tammy's warm and welcoming nature makes her the perfect host, and visitors to Precision Helicopters are sure to receive a friendly greeting from her when they arrive. Her attention to detail and her commitment to providing the best possible service to their clients make her an invaluable member of the team.

Aside from her work at Precision Helicopters, Tammy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, gardening, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Her dedication to her family, her love for the aviation industry, and her commitment to providing the best possible service to their clients make Tammy a true asset to the Precision Helicopters team.

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